Still Pursuing the Dream of Starting a Small Club

I have received several inquiries but have been unable to devote the time to this project as much as I wanted. There is quite a bit that goes in to starting a club and making the commitment to see the whole process through. I have been doing research with AOPA as well as talking to others who have been or are currently in a flying club.

With that being said, I am looking to start the process once again. It is starting from the ground up, so I am looking most likely for 2 or 3 other individuals willing to start from the same place and then go from there.

I have reached out to several individuals who completed the form in the last several months to see if they still have interest. We would be starting the club from the ground up so I am looking for those that are willing to go through that process. If you are looking for an already established club, then this club is probably not the right fit for you.

More to come hopefully in the coming months – stay tuned.