Lake Norman Flying Club – An Idea is Born

We are in the initial stages of investigating whether forming a new flying club in the Lake Norman area makes sense. There seems to be flying clubs in the Statesville, Mooresville, and Charlotte areas but none in the Lincolnton, Denver, Lake Norman areas.

One of the founding members of the club has been out of the left seat for some time (except for flying Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane) and is looking to be back in to a regular cadence of flying again in the real deal. One of the ideas that we had was forming a club of like minded individuals versus renting an airplane from an FBO.

We are looking to get guidance from AOPA as well as they have many resources for how to properly form and run a flying club. Now we just need to see if there are others in the area that are also looking to do the same thing and perhaps come together to start a club.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in then drop us an email or use our contact form and we will contact you to discuss further.